The 21-cm signal from the Epoch of Reinoization : a new probe within reach

Semelin, B. & Mertens, F.

The evermore stringent interferometric upper limits on the 21-cm signal from the Epoch of Reionization are already constraining astrophysical processes during the first billion years of the Universe. With the SKA scheduled for commissionning in 2026-2028, we can expect within the next decade to learn much about the formation and properties of the first, faint galaxies, a population invisible with even the JWST, and possibly provide new independent contraints on cosmology. We will review the rich physics the shapes the 21-cm signal in the intergalactic medium during the Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Reionization, present our efforts to develop a robust framework to perform parameter inference using radiative hydrodynamics cosmological simulations, and the current status of observationnal programs with a particuliar focus on upper limit obtained with NenuFAR and LOFAR.